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Psychology in Russia - journals, news, events
25 January
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We welcome you to the official blog of Psyjournals.ru (English version) - the portal of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education (MSUPE).

It provides a wide range of information on psychology and education in Russia - advances in psychological science, Bologna process and the other innovations in the education system, major social projects involving psychological support of the target groups as well as cultural specific of psychological practice and academical community in contemporary Russia. The portal offers comprehensive reviews of the most interesting Russian psychological issues and books, announcements of international conferences and congresses held in the Russian Federation.

We appreciate the legacy of L.S. Vygotsky and his followers, the cultural-historical theory as a fruitful methodology and a tool for research and practice in education and consulting. Works on cultural-historical theory alongside with activity theory (A.N. Leontyev), theory of step-by-step formation of concepts and mental activities (P.Ya. Gal'perin), developmental education (V.V. Davydov) can be found in the journals issued by the MSUPE:

Cultural-Historical Psychology
Psychological Science and Education
Experimental Psychology

The abstracts and portal articles are available on-line. Fulltext journal articles can be ordered.

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Social capital

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